Maxx Computer Center represents a flexible program of the current educational plans, and eligibility requirements. The same may be altered from time to time to achieve the purposes and objectives of Maxx Computer Center and to keep pace with the emerging world of Information Technology and Industry requirements. .


1. The application for admission (2 copies) should be in the prescribed form of Maxx Computer Center(Enclosed with the prospectus).
2. The following should be enclosed along with the application form at the time of submission :
(a) Attested photocopy of all certificates/ marksheets (last examination appeared).
(b) Three recent photographs (Passport Size) of the candidate duly attested by any Gazzetted Officer /College Principal /Lecturer/Bank Manager or Maxx Computer Center Centre Director.
(c) Two self-addressed stamped envelopes
(stamps worth Rs. 5/- or as Per Current Postal Rates).
(d) Regd. Fees (Cost of Books) and Course Fees as applicable (preferably by Cheque/DD).
3. If any application is accepted, the candidate will be admitted to the course sought on a first-come first-serve basis. If there is no vacancy in a particular course to which admission is sought, the candidate’s name will be placed in the waiting list for the next available batch.
4. If sufficient /minimum number of candidates are not available for starting a batch then the student has to wait till sufficient /minimum (Ten) number of candidates are available to start a batch.
5. A candidate’s admission to a course is not transferable to any other individual.
6. Fees once paid are not refundable under any circumstances or transferable to any other student or any other course. Caution Money is refundable on satisfactory completion of the course and clearance from library in-charge and other depts..
7. By acceptance of admission form with admission fees, an applicant is deemed to be provisionally admitted but he /she is confirmed only when I-card is issued to the applicant by the Corp. Office/Head Office/ Regional Office. The provisional admission of the candidate can be cancelled at any stage before confirmation, without assigning any reasons thereof.
8. The student will receive his Regd. No. along with the I-card directly from the Corp. Office/ Head Office/ Regional Office, in the envelope supplied by the candidate. The students should write his / her complete postal address in block capital letters and affix correct amount of Postal Stamps on the envelope in their own interest. If the student does not receive the I-card within 45 days of deposit of Admission Form complete in all respect, he / she is advised to contact the Corporate/Regional office immediately.
9. Admission to a course at NISE is subject to eligibility conditions as announced from time to time.
10. The Institute reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason thereof.

1. Each student is issued an Identity Card after confirmation of admission, by the Corp. Office /Head Office / Regional Office. The Identity Card cannot be issued by the centres. Identity Cards will only be issued by Corp. Office /Head Office / Regional Office for course of duration above 6 months.
2. An Identity Card is valid, if it contains Name of student, Registration No, Expiry Date along with a recent photograph duly signed (fascimile signature) by an authorized Maxx Computer Center Corporate/Regional Office official along with seal.
3. An Identity Card is valid only for the Authorized Training Centre which is mentioned in the card and till the date of expiry. The Identity Card should be surrendered to the concerned Centre Head after expiry of the same.
4. The student is required to carry the Identity Card with him/her while on the premises of NISE. Any student not carrying the Identity Card may not be allowed to enter the Institute.
5. In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate Identity Card can be issued by H.O./R.O. on submission of a written request subject to approval of the Centre Director and on payment of Rs. 50/- (Fifty only).


1. Payment of fees must accompany the Application for Admission.
2. The due date for payment of instalments is first day of the month. However instalments may be paid on or before the 6th day of each calendar month (Previous working day, if 6th day is a holiday). A fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be collected, if fees is paid after the 6th day of the month.
3. The payment plan/ card gives full details of instalments & fees paid. The card should be duly signed by the student, whenever he/she pays any instalment.
4. Students failing to pay any monthly instalments within 15 days of due date will be terminated from the course. 7 days after the due date the student would be de-barred from attending classes, lab sessions and de-barred from availing all facilities at the centre. To resume the course a student has to pay a re-admission fees of Rs. 500/-
5. All fees are payable by Local Cheques or Demand Draft. Avoid payment of fees in cash. Cheques or DD should be drawn in favour of “Maxx Computer Center“. Students are advised to pay fees by Account Payee Cheques / Demand Drafts only. Students should write their Name and Address on the back side of the Cheque / Draft. If a student pays by cheque, which is dishonoured due to any reason whatsoever, the student is liable to pay a service charge of Rs. 100/- and late fee for all days till the fee is paid as per rules of late payment of fees.
6. For student’s convenience, they are advised to make future instalment payments by issuing post-dated cheques.
7. Valid Money Receipts duly sealed and signed by the Counsellor / Centre Director and counter signed by students (on 3 copies) should be obtained for any kind of payments made. These should be kept in their safe custody & are required to be produced on demand.
8. Notices may be put up regarding fees due and the Parent /Guardian of students may also be informed in case of irregularity in payment of fees.
9. For any clarification, the student is requested to contact the Corporate office along with photo copies of money receipts and DD/Cheques.
10. Fees Paid are not refundable under any circumstances.


1. The Admission of a student may be cancelled on the following grounds :
(a) Non-payment of any instalment
(b) In discipline or not maintaining decorum within the premises.
(c) Use of unfair means during examinations or use of threatening or slang/ foul languages.
(d) Absent in any module/semester examination without prior permission.
2. On any other ground, which the management may find justified.


After each paper/module, the concerned centre conducts the internal assessment which includes written tests, lab assignment test, tutorials and project. Centralised Semester Examination for all students will be conducted for awarding Diploma. The final result will be decided as mentioned below :
Final Result = 30% of internal assessment / examination + 70% of Semester Examination.
1. A student’s overall performance in a semester/course is based on the weighted aggregate of his/her score in each of the scheduled tests/modules. The weighted structure is defined from time to time.
2. A student has to appear in every internal examination and has to secure minimum 50% marks in order to qualify for the Semester Examination.
3. If a student fails to secure atleast 50% marks in Internal Examination or is absent, he/she has to reappear by paying a re-appearing fee of Rs. 50/- per paper.
4. If a student is absent or fails in Semester Examination he/she has to pay a fee of Rs. 250/- for re-appearing in the Semester Examination.
5. Semester Examinations are usually held twice a year.
6. Students can apply for re-addition of marks within 2 weeks of declaration of result at a cost of Rs. 50/- per paper.
7. Students who fail in a Semester Examination will have to appear again in a subsequent examination as and when held.
8. These students can however continue with the studies for the next semester. In case the student, especially a fast or super-fast track student, wishes to sit for the examination of the next semester and for the re-examination of the previous semester examination at the same time, he may be allowed to do so. But the next semester examination result will be declared only if the previous one is cleared.
9. The student will get 2 chances for re-examination, after which the student will have to re-register for the course by paying a fees of Rs. 500/- only.
10. Maxx Computer Center may, from time to time, send a progress report to the parent / guardian on the performance of the student within course period.
11. Certificate & Marksheet (as applicable) would be issued to students duly registered for a course upon successful completion of the same subject to clearance from the faculty board.
12. Certificate & Marksheet will be issued within 90 days of completion of examination or 60 days of publication of results, whichever is later. Certificate & Marksheet are issued only by the Corporate Office. If a student does not receive the same within the period specified above, he /she should immediately contact the Corporate Office along with relevant details.
13. The student will not be issued Certificate & Marksheet, in case there is any outstanding dues.

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