Dear Students,

Dear Students,

Welcome to our Maxx Computer Center world ! Thank you for the interest you have shown in the Information Technology courses of Maxx Computer Center

‘IT’ is arguably the best career option available in this Millennium. Even otherwise, for other career options, IT knowledge is essential for career advancement. Today’s youth like yourself often find themselves challenged to keep pace with changes in technology. Truth is, to meet the challenges of the future, you need to take advantage of the present and bring your skills upto date with relevant, comprehensive training, taught by full time IT professionals with real-world expertise. That’s where Maxx Computer Center comes in. So start now to make the most.

The mission of Maxx Computer Center to excel in the field of technology in the backdrop of glorious intellectual and cultural life of the society  will make the Institute the most preferred destination for young students aspiring to emerge as successful technologists. With the support of highly qualified faculty members and excellent infrastructure I hope we shall be able to continue to add to the intellectual and professional development of the country.

We strongly believe in human values and our commitment to the Nation and human society. Accordingly, our teaching-learning process is based on motivating factors, discipline, although in relaxed natural ambience. We are determined to help our students to understand the power of words, appreciate the beauty of languages, and learn the art, science and technology. At  Maxx Computer Center, infrastructure, curriculum, faculty and students i.e. four basic component of education system are perfectly blended to ensure our vision.

You are now embarking on a great learning adventure and you may face challenges of varying degrees and nature. But I am also sure those challenges will inspire you. There is little doubt that you will all be achievers at the end of it and once you pass through the portals of Maxx Computer Center, the road ahead will be open. I also know for certain that you will lead the change of tomorrow for to-morrow and that the world will seek you out proactively.

As the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu said: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. You have taken that step already…

We are proud to present you with your personal copy of the prospectus – so you can start planning about your IT career right now.

Best of Luck . . .

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