Rules and Regulations for students

Maxx Computer Center as an educational organisation beleives in discipline & performance. As discipline is an integral part of student-Culture we apply certain rules regarding discipline. We do not want to make students breathe-less we just want them to study in a disciplined & friendly environment..


1. Strict discipline and silence should be maintained in the premises of the Institute.
2. A student will be suitably punished if he / she is found to be involved in any destructive action in the premises of the Institute.
3. Liability of the institute in the event of a particular class being cancelled due to reasons beyond its control, is limited to re-scheduling of the class.
4. In all matters related to conducting of the courses, the decision of the management shall be final and binding on all students.
5. The venue & days are liable to change under the discretion of management.
6. In case of power failure, the timing would be adjusted to next available slot/hours or the duration would be extended.
7. The student shall not have a choice over a particular batch or an Instructor.
8. Library and Other Security Deposits, (if any) are refundable on completion of course and after getting clearance from the Centre Director and concerned departments.
9. Students are requested not to bring any valuables, etc. to the Institute. All bags, purses etc. should be left outside the classroom / practical room. The Institute will not be responsible for any loss of valuables.
10. Any student who is absent for 15 consecutive days, without prior written permission will be deemed to be a dropout. The student will then have to pay Re-admission Fees of Rs. 500/-.
11. The Institute reserves the right to add / delete / modify the course structure as mentioned in the prospectus/syllabi even after admission, keeping in view the latest trends of industry. Any change would be communicated to the students through Notice Board.
12. Any addition / deletion / modification to the course / programs is binding on all current and future students of Institute.
13. The medium of instruction for all courses is Hindi/English.
14. Students should observe proper dress code at the Centre.
15. The course fees includes the cost of course study materials, except in case of scholarship / special scheme admissions.
16. Telephones at the Centre are meant for official purposes only. Students are normally not allowed to make / receive calls on these telephones.
17. In case of students admitted under any collaborative course such as University / DOEACC, etc., the rules mentioned above will also apply in addition to the rules and regulations of such other collaborator.
18. In case of students admitted under special schemes or scholarships, the rules mentioned above will apply in addition to the rules & regulations applicable to such special scheme/scholarship.
19. The Institute (Maxx Computer Center) reserves the right to add / delete / modify any of the rules and regulations mentioned herein and the decision of the Centre Director will be final & binding on the students.
20. Limitation of liability : In no event shall Maxx Computer Center be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages from any cause whatsoever. Maxx Computer Center’s liability in the aggregate if any, shall not exceed the value of the fees for that course.



1. Practical sessions are organised in the computer laboratory.
2. Students are required to handle the equipments provided to them with due care. Any damage to equipments resulting from carelessness/mishandling by the student will be the student’s responsibility, and he/she may be required to make up for the same.
3. In addition to the scheduled lab sessions, students may book terminals / PC’s for extra practice. Details of availability of computers will be informed to students from time to time. Computers will be made available strictly on a first come first serve basis, for extra practice.
4. Students are not allowed to bring their friends/relatives to the laboratory.
5. In any case, students should not attempt to rectify any hardware/software problem on their own but bring it to the notice of the Laboratory-in-Charge.
6. Practical sessions for completion of projects may be allotted at time slots different from regular slots. Project hours may also be allotted on Sundays & Holidays.
7. During the extra practical sessions, the faculty currently teaching the batch may not be present in the lab for guidance but for any doubt it may be brought to the notice of the Laboratory-in-Charge.
8. Students found playing games/loitering in the lab or using software not relevant to the current module will be debarred from practical sessions until they get a written permission from the Centre Manager/Director.
9. Students having practical sessions/extra practical sessions [if booked in advance] are allowed to enter inside the lab. Students not having practical, if found inside the lab will be suitably punished.
10. No student is allowed to enter the lab after 15 minutes of his / her scheduled time.
11. Students should not take any Bags, Personal Floppy or CD inside the Laboratory.

12. Whenever a student does practical he/she should sign the practical lab register, mentioning start time, end time and details of practical done.


1. Students must be punctual and regular in their attendance. Students who do not have a minimum of 75% attendance for both theory and practical may not be allowed to appear for examination.

2. Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance for both theory and practical in order to get full benefit of the course. However, they must discuss the implications of any absence beyond their control, with the Faculty Members / Centre Directors / Counsellors and work out a plan of corrective action well in advance.

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